Anyone Can Get A Sunburn, But It Is As Easy To Protect One From Getting A Sunburn Too

Getting a sunburn means getting the skin exposed to the sun's rays for a long period of time, usually extending over several hours. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun's rays cause severe damage to the skin cells. The apparent symptoms include a red colour dominant on the skin followed by a peeling of the skin. This is typically damage cause to the skin over a brief period of time.

The damage typically begins when the ultraviolet rays from the sun hit the skin. They are instrumental in damaging the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis. As a response to this, the body's immune-system send more and more blood to the exposed area in response to the damage. This is what gives the red color typical to a sunburn.

The skin and the affected area attracts a lot of white blood cells. This increased presence of white-blood cells is what makes the area amenable to rashes and tends to become sensitive.

The flushed, pink or red color of the skin is the first sign of the skin getting burnt. The part of the skin typically gives out a lot more heat than other parts of the skin. If the skin tone is not light enough, the symptoms may not be apparent soon.

While the extreme cases of sunburn require immediate medical attention, mild and insignificant cases of sunburn may be treated over cool baths. Some creams are available to give some relief, while aspirin might relieve some swelling.

Sunburn should be avoided at all costs, get effective protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays whenever you venture out in the sun.