Bob Cut

A bob cut is also popularly known just as bob is usually a short haircut style for women. However, sometimes even men style their hair with this type of cut. This type of style is given by evenly cutting the hair all around the head and keeping it dangling to the jaw level. Sometimes this hairstyle also uses the fringes. Fringes are also colloquially called bangs.

This type of haircut is not very popular as most of the girls and women love keeping their hair long. Even most of the celebrities are more used to long hair styles. However, there are certain famous personalities who wear this style all the time. There are some actresses who usually keep long hair but for certain types of roles cut their hair short to bob-cut. Especially during the older times this type of haircut was hardly known. Though, there were some actresses and fashionable girls who drifted away from the conventions and embraced this unique style. Before World War 1, this type of haircut was not really thought of as being respectable. Things started to change after the War when fashion and style started making inroads into the households.

This style is more popular today than it was earlier. A lot of professional women like to keep this style. This is mostly because shorter hair is much easier to maintain and take care of. Those who do not enough time due to their busy work schedule want to spend as little time on hair care as possible. For men, this hairstyle is not for professional places.