Chloe Norgaard is the Face of Redken Hair Products

Chloe Norgaard is indeed the new face of Redken Hair Products. The public will be seeing more of Chloe now that she is endorsing Redken. Many are pleased with this new milestone in Chloe's career and it seems like the public agrees that she deserves this stint.

Norgaard made a sound decision when she accepted the offer to be a part of the Redken company. Models Soo Joo Park, Suki Waterhouse, and Mariacarla Boscono are just a few personalities Chloe will probably be working with now that she's the newest member of the Redken family.

In an interview, Chloe said that she just loves playing with color. She constantly changes the color of her hair whenever the spirit hits her and it depends on her mood. She is fond of matching her hair color with her outfits and the season.

In fact, Chloe said she started getting her locks dyed when she was still in high school. She had to put up with blonde hair for modelling but she eventually followed what she truly desires - to color her hair just the way she wants to.

Chloe's first step to endorse Redken was to have her hair dyed by artist Justin Isaac who made use of a bold turquoise dye. This shade is a part of the Redken's new line of vibrant colors dubbed as 'City Beats', which will be launched this coming October. 'City Beat's will be comprised of 12 colors inspired by New York City landmarks.