Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?

Men and women use the shaving technique to remove unwanted hair; however, it’s a temporary solution. They do it every day or every week, depending on their situation and the location of the hair. With every slick shave, there is still that dread in the back of their minds that the hair they are removing might grow back thicker, and thus, their temporary solution is just making the long-term more troublesome.

It simply isn’t true, though. It’s only a popular misconception and its popularity only increases as teens are told the same thing by their peers  and passing it on to others. But, the claim that if a teenage boy shaves his mustache, it will grow back thicker is of course true! He’s a teenager, his hormones are causing it, not the shaving action!

The rate of body hair growth is different for everyone. Shaving cuts only a part of the hair. Slicing it at odd angles makes it appear coarser or stubby. It may seem like it is thicker, but it simply isn’t. The whole hair follicle underneath the skin doesn’t become thicker suddenly just because you shaved it. If cutting hair on our heads would make it thicker then there is no need to worry about baldness, right?

Irrespective, if you do notice a sudden sprout of unwanted hair on your face or other parts of your body, then be sure to check with your doctors; it could be a sign of a core medical condition.

Very recently, Cosmopolitan Magazine published a story about how celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their peach fuzz and had great skin.

If shaving did make the hair grow back thicker, then, women who shave unwanted hair instead of using other methods like waxing or laser, would have hair growing back thicker than a gorilla’s! But do they? Absolutely not.