‘’Goddess’’ Hairstyles

Long hair can look amazing in any occasion. But sometimes it can be a serious burden. If you want to keep the length of your hair, but lighten it a bit, you can add layers. Short or long layers can remove much of your hair’s weight. This will also make it easier to style. The best thing is, there are many hairstyles that can help you achieve this. We can call them ‘’goddess’’ hairstyles.
Short layers with a deep side part is a completely new look that will transform you. If you want to style it, you will have to follow these steps.
1.    Use a 1 ¼ curling iron. Your hair must be dry. Curl your hair, but do this in section by section.
2.    Use your fingers to separate your curls and comb through your hair. You should do this only if you want a looser look.
3.    Apply finishing hairspray and you are done.
Women with thick, medium and even fine hair will look great with this hairstyle. Also, this hairstyle can offset angular or asymmetrical features. The recommended product is Shimmer Shine by Kevin Murphy. Spray it on your hands and then apply it onto your hair.
Short side bangs and long layers (extra-long) is another great hairstyle for you.
1.    Use a 1 ¼ curling iron on your dry hair. Curl it section by section.
2.    Separate your curls with fingers if you want a looser look.
3.    Finish with a finishing hairspray.
This hairstyle looks great on women with a rounder face shape. The recommended product is Super Skinny Serum. Apply it on your hair hen it is wet.