How to whiten your teeth?

Having a beautiful smile is one of the cutest things someone can possess. It gives you the charm, charisma and people are simply drawn to you.
You cannot have a beautiful smile unless you have good teeth, they don’t have to be best teeth in the world, but it wouldn’t hurt if they were at least clean and white. So if you think that it is too expensive to give your money to the dentist, than simply use these things which you probably already have.

Strawberries – When you think about them you think about different stains they leave on our clothes, but when it comes to your teeth they will do the total opposite. They have something like apple cider vinegar which will help you remove everything you have on your teeth.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t leave them on your teeth for too long, cause they might harm your them.
Saline water – Have you ever wondered how you have amazingly white teeth every time you come back from your summer vacation? Well if course it is mostly because your skin is darker and then your teeth seem whiter, but it is also because of the salt in the sea.

So if you want to use this “recipe” to keep your teeth white all the time, add one tablespoon of salt in the lukewarm water and soon you will see the results.
Baking soda – This is one of the most useful things everyone should have in their house, because it can remove so many different stains. Well then imagine how good it would be if you could put it on your teeth.
Simply mix it with water and wash your teeth with it, and you will be surprised.