The Beauty Blender and 5 ways it is used

If you type in the Google Search – beauty blender, you will open a Pandora’s Box. Why? Because there are a thousand of tutorials and texts about how to use it to get different effects. It is really hard to write about ways to use it, but here is some basic information you need to know about the beauty blender and its superpowers!

Make it wet

Of course, we will start with the easiest. Just hold your Beauty Blender under a running faucet and, at the same time, squeeze it to make it saturated with water. When the sponge becomes about twice its original size, it is ready.

Just squeeze

It is very important to have a clean, new cotton towel or just paper towel for this because of the germs. Make sure your beauty blender isn’t holding on to any excess water –squeeze it in a towel and it is ready for the next step.

Stipple it

The key to successfully use the beauty blender is a bouncing/stippling motion. No sweeping, no wiping. Remember that. You can apply your make-up in two ways: directly to your face with your fingers or on the beauty blender first. Use the broad side to cover more surface area and speed up the process. Then, to blend in smaller areas such as concealer under the eyes or around the nose, use the pointed side of the beauty blender. Of course, use the same bouncing motion because it really helps press the product into the face.

Wash it

As cleanliness is important for healthy skin, it is crucial to wash your beauty blender after each use. It comes in direct wet contact with your face, so it could easily pick up some bacteria. Good old soap and water are perfect to clean it, but you can also buy specific products for that purpose.

Dry it

Wet blender – bad blender. If you don’t dry it properly, there is a chance you will create a perfect environment for bacteria. Make sure you dry your beauty blender appropriately. The top of the jar that the beauty blender comes in is really good place for it to rest so it can air-dry. Avoid putting it in a drawer or container.