What men first notice on women?

What men see first on a woman is a very old question. There were many studies that tried to solve this ‘’mystery’’, but almost all of them revealed that men notice just one thing! Actually, the situation is more complicated. According to latest research, men notice almost everything!

One of the first things they notice is smile, so start smiling. This leaves the impression that a woman is happy and when you smile at someone, that person will smile you back. The perfect way to start conversation! Eyes are equally important. Men like big eyes, but this can be achieved with makeup. The interesting fact is that women also first notice eyes on men. The hair has an important role as well. Long hair and a modern haircut is something that every man wants to see.

Beside those things, men also like to see a woman with great curves! Women with a few extra pounds aren’t very attractive to them! So, if you have this problem, start solving it immediately! Your skin is also noticed. Men like clean and soft skin, so you should clean it, and care for it. If you thought that long legs were just for jokes, well they aren’t! During the summer, when you wear skirts and dresses, your legs can be responsible for many positive comments and possible dates! The illusion is that men like women that had many plastic surgeries, so they look like barbie! You may already know that many men don’t like silicon breasts! Plastic surgery tells them she isn’t natural, and in most cases repel men! Instead, they want to see a nice fingernails, eyelashes and real breast!