You can have a great décolletage

Décolletage is something that men notice on you as soon they see you, so you can assume how important it is! You may think that for perfect décolletage you will need a lot of exercising, proper diet and even plastic surgery. Actually, you can have a very desirable décolletage by using a proper cloth, makeup and taking care of your skin! As you may assume, make up is very important. For example, Kim Kardashian has a professional makeup artist just for her décolletage! You can go to the professional makeup artist, but it is too expensive!

The first thing you should do is to prepare your skin for makeup! The best way to do that is using the peeling treatments. There are mechanical and chemical treatments, but both of them you can do at home! This will remove dead skin and provide a perfect surface for makeup. If you have ‘’red’’ décolletage, use Aloe Vera Gel. This will remove this annoying redness, and you will be able to continue with makeup.

You must use using coconut or almond oil, to feed your skin. Using this treatment will give a positive result after a few days! Your skin will quickly absorb both of these oils! Finally, you will need bronzer, powder and a good brush. Apply bronzed between your breasts (use bronzer that is darker than your skin). Apply powder on the edge of your breasts. Then, add shine on the shoulder and thorax. Carefully choose your dress! If you make a mistake here, all this can be in vain. The perfect solution would be a black or red dress (because men like those dresses), but you can choose any color you want.