Basic female body shapes

Pear Shape: This is the classy body shape but being pear shaped doesn’t means that you are chubby. It just that you first gain weight around your hips. You have well defined waist with an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. You just have to see that you have to wear clothes that add volume to your upper body. Wear tops that are fitted at the waist or below the bust line. Go and flaunt the bright colours and bold patterns in off shoulder or boat neck tops. The music sensations and dressing divas Beyoncé, Rihanna and Shakira have this body types and they know how to move your body baby. They have a figure that makes heart skip so you also just add a little sash to your dressing and see all going Olalla.

Inverted Triangle: If you have an inverted triangle body shape than you have figure like Naomi Campbell and Demi Moore that means you have got larger upper body. You need to wear clothes that takes the eye of view to your waist than shoulders. You have got great legs. So and play with different skirt lengths but don’t go for too short skirts they will make you look more broad. Wear clothes to make your hips and thighs look fuller and rounder. You can wear fuller skirts (full circle, ruffles, tiers, etc.), bootcut, flare and wide leg jeans and pants. You have can also flaunt your shoulders as they look athletic but wear an off shoulder dress in a way that is tighter on your waist and define it more. Keep it simple and chick without going for too much accessories.