How to treat dry skin

Dry skin can have many causes: dehydration, genetic inheritance or environmental causes. Either way, it is extremely uncomfortable and can make us feel badly about our appearance. Another big problem is the fact that you don’t know how to treat it; you tried facemasks, lotions and creams, but none of them seem to work. Well, maybe because you are forgetting about the most important points. Here is how to treat dry skin without too much effort:

  • Use essential oils instead of lotions and creams. It does not matter how good a lotion is; in the end, you are putting chemicals into your skin. On the other hand, essential oils are natural and will help your skin regain its elasticity. Apply a few drops of oil on your face every single night, before going to bed. You will not believe how gorgeous your skin will look after a few days!
  • Scrub your face. Since your skin is dry and sensitive, you may not think that scrubbing it will be very effective. Plus, the idea of rubbing something abrasive on your face makes you afraid that it will either hurt or further the damage. What you did not know is that scrubbing is necessary for dry skin; it will allow you to clean your pores, remove those dry flakes and make space for new, healthy cells.
  • Drink water. It sounds obvious, right? Well, not many people do it. How do you expect to have hydrated skin if you drink unhealthy items like soda and juice rather than a few glasses of water per day? Try to aim for at least two liters of pure water, and you will notice a great improvement in your skin. To help your skin even more, add some slices of lemon to the water. Tasty and helpful, what more can you want?