Irene Kim's spring beauty tips

This fashionista popped on the American fashion radar in 2014. Her rainbow hair and mysterious persona set her apart from the fashion wannabes. At the very outset, Irene comes across as a girl who holds her own image. This Korean-American model calls herself a ‘banana’ yellow on the outside but white on the inside.

Born in Seattle, her family moved to Seoul when she was in middle school. Though she barely spoke any Korean, the country soon became her home. She studied textile design at FIT in New York after which she moved back to Korea where she has been over the last few years.

At the age of 27, she decided to dabble in modelling and picked the first agency that popped up on her Google search. She works as an ‘influencer’ for Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder and that is a major chunk of her work other than modelling. This pretty face with a ton of attitude has a major fan base in Korea and America.

Irene Kim has a couple of tips for all fashionistas who want to bring on your A game this spring!

Bold eyes and lips - that's where it’s at! Bring out your darkest eyeliner and brightest lip colour, this is sure to pack a punch. The secret to bringing out the best for this look is texturing. Next, give your brows and lips the same tint. A burst of colour on your brows and lips keeping the rest of your face fresh and clean and will turn some heads this spring. Finally go for the colour block cat eye, this is not your average cat eye; use two shades of liner to get this look and make sure that it is big and bold!