Anna Faris thinking of having a second kid

Ana Faris, the star in the Mom TV series, is determined to go on the pregnancy adventure again. She is, indeed, a bit distrustful thinking about her first pregnancy when she gave birth to Jack, her first son, nine weeks early. Either way, the look on her face talking about it can’t lie.

Considering her past experience and the fact that she is, now, a high-risk pregnancy, Anna thinks of it all as being a little bit delicate. The 38 years old actress confessed for the April edition of Health that her doctor is advising her to stay on bed rest pretty much all through her pregnancy. A bit impossible, since she is the star on a popular show.

“I wish we didn’t have this biological clock. I’m thinking we have to start talking about [having more kids], looking at all kinds of options.” she said. As she thinks of expanding her family, Farris feels more than grateful to have a life partner as exceptionally awesome as Chris. Her husband being in the same industry as her makes it much easier for her to explain the certain priorities and fears she has.

As getting back into her previous body-shape after having Jack wasn’t a big deal for her, Faris isn’t really having the same normal problems an average to-be mom would consider. “He’s just so happy, bright and funny.” shared the actress when asked about her son. He being so well gives the mother a new dose of hope for what the future reserves her.