Celebrities & adoption

There are very less people who don’t like kids. Kids come in house by many ways: Some born at home, some take their first breath in hospitals Or some born from one mother & grow with another.

People & Celebrities who keep working on their figure & due to work or any other reason, want to have a child but could not have they adopt a kid  from orphans. They intent to give a happy & healthy life to one kid.

Adoption can be done on same ground or internationally. The purpose of adoption is to give a good relation & healthy life to both parties adopted kid & parents. There are many celebrities who adopted kid internationally. Place does not matter what matter is love you give to the kid & upbringing.

Adoption is not depending on races or color. There are many Hollywood celebrities who adopted Black child from another country. Black & white these races now have no importance, are you able to give one family to that a kid?

Faith Hill, A famous Country music singer, is adopted a child , says I have the respect of my parents & my broth brother. Our parents never did the difference between us. We both have equal  & strong family bounding.

Bill Clinton, Former U.S. President is an adopted child. He says adoption is nice process of meeting need to parent & child . This is miracle to have such bounded child & parents in adoption . All kid who do not have parents have right to have parents & it’s our duty to give them good upbringing.

Single parent adoption: Earlier single parent adoption was not possible. After the change in law it is possible & its good to see both lonely people come together & live happy family life. This is one of the major changes for a betterment of society.