Cosby Supporters In Canada Undeterred

It has been about two months since Bill Cosby performed in front of an audience, due to the extremely public sexual abuse claims surfacing and surrounding the actor.

Even so, supporters for the iconic performer gave a round of applause as Cosby got up on stage in Ontario, Canada. The clapping and whoops of support were offset with shouts from protesters, who tsk-tsked Cosby on the basis that some twenty women have stepped out to speak about supposed sexual-abuse occurrences with the actor.

Cosby had three shows in Ontario, while about ten of his other North American shows have been canned. While the Canadian show saw cheering fans, Cosby's previous appearance in Florida back in November had more fan support and even a standing ovation for the acting veteran.

Out of the two-thousand seats in the Ontario theater, about two-thirds were filled with audience members. There were rumors that some people who had purchased tickets would refuse to attend the show, but attendance numbers show that most of the people who planned to go, did so.

Outside of the theater was another story. Braving the cold weather, about twelve protesters approached the venue while toting large signs addressed to the actor. The common sentiment of the signs were aimed at Cosby's rape allegations and that the actor should feel ashamed of himself.

Fans attempted to ease the brunt of the protests, and some fans stated that they find the allegations unbelievable and they stand by Cosby. The actor is scheduled to appear in London on January 8th and 9th.