Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Spotted with Baby Daughter Esmeralda Amadar

Eva Mendes on her 41st birthday spotted along with his boyfriend and baby daughter Esmeralda Amadar. Ryan threw a special party for his love-life Evan on her birthday. It’s already expected that they would come together.

This most popular couple is known for keeping their daughter away from the media. The international media tried several times to unveil the baby celebrity, but couldn’t do so.
On birthday occasion, we got a mystery woman carried a baby into the occasion in a vehicle seat with a child blanket over the top. Initially it was assumed that there could be a soccer ball inside the blanket but when we got a chance to see the secret, we were surprised to see new parents mysterious baby daughter.

The popular actress of Fast and Furious and The Training Day was breastfeeding her tiny girl. Media thought that she would not come to with her little daughter. “We are very conscious regarding the privacy of our child,” says Mendes in a post-baby interview.
“Whether we like it or not but being a public personality I have to compromise with several things, but I don’t want to make my daughter a victim of my popularity,” says sexy actress.

It is a fact that celebrities always try to keep their kids from the limelight of media. “According to Eva Mendes, “We have decided to provide a normal life to our daughter; we don’t want to give her an abnormal life.”

Whatever could be the reason but finally we got the chance to see the daughter of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.