Jennifer Aniston I Normally Eat Carbs For Breakfast

Jennifer Aniston is without a doubt one of the leading ladies in Hollywood and for good reason. Ever since she made an appearance on popular comedy TV series “Friends”, she has been able to make her name in the showbiz business as the go to girl for any female role. To add onto that she has managed to maintain a perfect body ever since she made an appearance on the screen and thanks to Instagram we now know what here diet comprises of and in this article, we will be sharing with you just that. 

The good thing about this whole diet process is that you don’t actually need a special chef who will be making you meals, you can easily do this on your own and still get the desired results. 

On her Instagram account, the beautiful actress shared with her fans two meals throughout her day. For breakfast she had a n egg with a whole grain toast, some tomato slices as well as avocado. For lunch time she switched up things a bit and had a Bulgar salad, parsley, cucumbers, some garbanzo beans, red onions, a little pistachios and some feta cheese. 

According to Selvera’s Chief Nutrition Officer, Brooke Alpert, Anniston meals during the day, “are healthy and satisfying, which is key to sticking to a healthy eating plan for long-term.”

“The breakfast is filled with protein from the egg, healthy fats from the avocado and fiber from the whole grain bread. Any meal that has at least two of those components, protein, fat, and/or fiber is going to be a fabulous option. It not only tastes great but it doesn’t get digested too quickly which leaves you feeling fuller longer,” she says.