Kim Kardashian VS Jimena Sanchez

We all know ( unfortunately or not ) who Kim Kardashian is. For those of you who haven't heard about Jimena Sanches, well she is the Mexican Fox Sports presenter.

If you wonder why we put these two together, well we will explain you. In the past few days Jimena is all over the news. Why is that ? Well because she is being compared with Kim Kardashian.
People think she resembles her so much, that now she is being called a Mexican Kim Kardashian.

In the beginning Jimena was flattered, saying she heard that a lot of times, and since Kim is really beautiful, she doesn't mind the comparison.

Well, those kind words didn't last too long. She is probably very angry because she is now more famous for being Kim's look-a- like, then for her profession.

I do think we have some physical similarities, but when it comes to our careers and personality, we are totally different - said Jimena
Kim and her sister are not doing anything in their lives, everything they've accomplished is because of their reality show, not because they are talented for anything. My whole life I've been devoted to some other things. I love my job, and I am really good at it. We do have some physical resemblance, but that is all - said again Jimena

We are both popular on social networks, so it isn't possible not to notice our physical similarities, but that's it. She seems happy with her life, which is ok, but I could never be if I were her - said Jimena.