Robert Downey Jr.

Born in Manhattan, New York on 4th April 1965, Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, filmmaker as well as a singer. At a tender age of five, he made a screen debut alongside his father Robert Downey Sr. in the film ‘Pound’. He also played the famous Chaplin of Charlie Chaplin in 1992 which earned him not only accolades but also the Academy Award for the Best Actor.

Robert Downey Jr. has a history of substance abuse and has been in and out of rehab centers that marked most days and years while growing up as well as the times when he was a famous actor. He attributed his drug habit to his father who made him take the first shot of marijuana at an age of six years. Robert remembers those moments as the only memory of him and his father bonding. He also pointed out that it was perhaps his father’s way of saying that he loved his son. Because of his drug habit, he suffered not only professionally but also personally when his relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker and marriage to Deborah Falconer ended because of his drug problem. However, now he has been sober for many years and has been married to Susan Levin who he met during the making of Gothika.

The famous actor shot to fame and became one of the highest paid Hollywood actors after his stint as Tony Stark in Iron Man and Marvel’s Avengers.