Roseanne about Losing Her Sight and Other Life Turning Points

Roseanne Barr is at a turning point in her life and she has revealed her emotions, opinions, aspirations and political views in an expansive interview. Among other things, Barr talked about smoking marijuana, and how it helped her with her eye pressure, given she has glaucoma, just like her father. Talking about the spiritual side of marijuana, Roseanne said that it is good for releasing people from “mind control”. It is obvious she is in favor of legalization.

Barr also suffers from muscular degeneration, and when asked will she eventually go blind, she bluntly said “yes.” Doctors, however, cannot determine when that will happen. She describes her vision as “closing in”, probably thinking of width. She said it kind of makes her sad because she likes to read, but then again, she concludes positively, “I could hire somebody to read for me and read to me.”

Roseanne, who became a global superstar during the eighties for her “Roseanne” show, is soon to be featured at Tribeca Film Festival in a documentary about her failed attempt to run for president. She was representing the Green Party in 2012, but ended up being the candidate of Peace and Freedom Party. The film is called “Roseanne for President!”

Her campaign was somewhat different than the others’ because instead of attending large conferences and speaking in front of thousands of people in huge venues, Barr was talking to her supporters via Skype from her California home. One of the reasons behind this peculiar strategy is that Roseanne does not like to shake hands and she is not into crowds.