The Author of “The Millionaire Next Door” Dies In A Car Crash Near Atlanta

Author of best-selling book, “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy”, Thomas J. Stanley, died in a fatal car crash that occurred in the suburbs of Atlanta, police said on Monday.

Stanley, who was 71 at the time of the accident, saw his book helped define a generation of people who are wealth in the U.S.

Dana Pierce, Cobb County police Sergeant, said that the 71-year-old was killed when a car slammed into the vehicle that Stanley was driving near his home in Marietta, Georgia.

Stanley, who retired as a marketing professor at the University of Georgia State, used his research during his lifetime to debunk the notion that has been accepted by many which indicates that most of the flashy big spenders in the U.S. are self made millionaires.
His book, “The Millionaire Next Door,” which he co-wrote with William D. Dnako back in 1996, describe flashy big spenders in the U.S. as penny pinchers.

Other books that Stanley wrote during his career are “Millionaire Women Next Door” and “The Millionaire Mind.”
To Stanley, the study of millionaires in the U.S. was serious work in fact he went ahead and conducted a survey, his first and on his own, which aimed at surveying millionaires in America, according to his website.

During his career, Thomas Stanley became one of the most sought after author and speakers for people who were looking to getting more details or advise with regards to millionaires in the U.S.
According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, Stanley was currently working on an updated book about millionaires in the U.S., something that he was doing together with his daughter, Sarah Fallaw.