The Real Reason Why Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Split

New reports regarding the reason as to why Tiger Woods, 39, and Lindsey Von, 30, separated has emerged and it’s not there busy schedules. According to the reports, the two decided to go their separate ways after Tiger Woods, one f golf’s prolific player, went back to his cheating ways. Earlier this month on May the 3rd, the two sports personality announced that they would be separating citing their busy schedule as the reason why their relationship could not work.

According to the Daily Mail, Tiger Woods, who was once involved in a series of sex related scandals, cheated on Vonn, an Olympic Skier, and as a result the two had to call it quits. The reports claim that Tiger Woods cheated on Vonn in February this year after he was forced to pull out from the annual Farmer’s Insurance Classic which was staged at San Francisco: “Most men would drink over such losses. Tiger has sex over it,” the Daily Mail reported while citing a source who has knowledge of the matter.

“Yes, Tiger cheated again. But it wasn’t with anyone special. He really wanted Lindsey to be the one. But he blew it again.” It is alleged that Tiger Woods wanted to clear his mind from the disappointing game that she had and as a result ended up having a one night stand with a girl who is not Vonn and she soon came to find out about the whole incident. “Lindsey found out about the cheating the easy way, if there is an easy way,” the source told Daily Mail adding that, “Tiger confessed. He took the opposite strategy he did with Elin (Nordergren) and instead of hiding it, he admitted it before getting caught.”