Constipation is without a doubt of the most common diseases that relates to a difficulty and pain in excretion. Almost thirty percent of the whole world is affected by it. It is associated with many other health problems and is therefore considered more of a symptom than an actual disease.

The causes of constipation can vary from person to person and generally includes the lack of fiber intake along with a decrease in intake of fluids and a lack of physical activity. Constipation can also be caused due to psychological reasons and the fact that some people tend to hold their stool. There are various symptoms of constipation and the medical practitioner can make a proper diagnosis after getting to know of these symptoms. However an abdomen palpitation or a colonoscopy may also be required for the purpose of proper diagnosis. An X-ray may also be taken of the abdomen to ascertain if constipation is what is actually causing these symptoms or not. Most medical practitioners tend to think of constipation as a symptom and they try and find the actual cause behind it and treat that cause.

Proper hygiene is one of the best ways to avoid constipation and one needs to make sure that he takes in sufficient amount of fluid along with fibers and indulge in some kind of physical activity. Some people choose to take laxatives for the purpose of treating constipation but it can be dangerous in the long run. If it is not treated effectively at the right time then constipation can lead to many serious disorders like fecal impaction and obstipation.