Dont's for Weightloss

“Arey beta do exercise if you want to lose weight”…eat healthy food! Everybody out there will tell you what to do to lose some weight. But there are some things you should NOT do when you are on a weight loss journey. When trying to lose weight, the don'ts are equally, if not more important than the do's. So here they are:
Exercise is not a chore: - Go for Power Yoga or Boot camp, instead of dragging yourself to the gym every day. For you, if exercise is something for which you have to strain yourself every day. Then, my friend! You are thinking wrong. You will not have that stamina and zeal if you make it a kind of routine.
 The same workout for 365 days – Having same workout day in and out leads to boredom and exhaustion and then there will be a time when you won't want to look at that treadmill anymore. Only your inner determination will make you exercise more.
No to skipping meals You will do binge eating if you skip food, as you may sustain without food for a short while but sooner or later your willpower will give way to natural hunger.
No to heavy dinners After working for whole day, people return back home starved and hence eat a hefty meal piling on chapatti after chapatti. But this is done if you really want to shed off some cellulite.