Night owls have a higher risk of developing health problems

According to the latest study, people who are ‘’Night owls’’ have a higher risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes and other health problems. This study included 1.600 people in South Korea aged 47-59. They were questioned about their sleep habits. At the end of this study, the results were stunning. Despite the same amount of sleep as the early risers, people who stay up late have a higher risk of developing diabetes and reduced muscle mass. The results were confirmed from Dr. Nan Hee Kim of Korea University College of Medicine.

This could be linked to non-healthy lifestyle. People who go late to bed usually eat late, smoke and doesn’t sleep at right time. People who participated in this study were divided in early risers (480), night owls (95) and the rest were in the middle. Despite trying to look younger, participants who stayed up late, had higher body fat and fats in their blood, than people who get up early. They were also linked to sarcopenia, a condition in which body loses muscle mass.

Men who are night owls have a much higher risk of developing sarcopenia and diabetes. On the other side, women who don’t sleep at the right time, have a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome (several health conditions that increase risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke) and they had more belly fat. This problem is even more serious if we know that many young people are night owls, or they will become one. This study didn’t find out why people who stay up late have a higher risk of developing many diseases, but this should be discovered in near future.