What You Need To Know About Energy Drinks

Caffeine  is  a  common ingredient  that most  of  us  crave  daily, and  it  has  been  consumed  for  hundred  years. Energy  drinks  have  a lot  that  we  need  to  explore  and  learn  about: 

Due  to   overuse many have  substituted  the  energy  drinks  for  water, though  water  is  the  best  fluid  for  hydration. Energy  drinks  contain a lot  of caffeine  and  sugar which  increases  the  risk  of  sugar  and  caffeine- related  disorders.  Other  than that  they  can  lead  to  weight  gain  due  to  the  high  calories content  it  has.

While  the energy  drinks are  growing  category, they  still  retain to  be  the niche  product accounting for  less  than 2% of  the  total  US non-alcoholic  beverage  in the market. The  common  ingredient  that  we  enjoy  in the energy  drinks  occurs  naturally  in  the  other  foods  like seafood, plants, grains and  even  poultry.

The  labels  in the energy  drinks  has  not  been  giving  full  details, all the  foods  have  the laws  that  govern  their  manufacturer  and  marketing, for sodas  for  instance, it  can be  sold  as  food  but  it  keeps  changing  the  label  information  to  ensure  it  evades  the  laws. And  hence  caution should  be  taken  to  avoid  the  side effects  of  the ingredient.

Taurine  is an  ingredient  found in the  energy  drinks, it’s an  amino  acid  which  is  naturally  is  in human  body as in foods  like scallops. Due  to  its  natural  existence it’s  found  in  breast  milk and used  as  an additive in the  infant  formula.
Though energy  drinks  marker  claim  to  address  all  people  but their  focus  is  mainly  to  the  youth.